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See and Hear The legend Rocky Fretz live in Concert


Thank you for your visit!

My name is Rocky Fretz and I am so glad to see you!

I have been composing, performing, teaching, studying and recording piano music for about 50 years.

I have recorded 9 CDs between the early 1990s and 2009 when I recorded my last CD, "The Path Ahead". I have not recorded any other CDs, nor performed more than 70 times in any year since 2009 because of health issues. But, I am better. :) I am performing concerts again and composing almost every day!

I have performed more than 8,800 times including more than 6,000 performances as the feature pianist for The Carolina Opry Show in Myrtle Beach, SC from its opening night, May 2,1986 through December 31, 2017. I've played another 2,800+ times in assorted venues around the world. 


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